Fancy and Staple Gallery

Known Particles: the Photography of Josef Zimmerman

Opening: December 10th

Fancy and Staple Gallery

Ruins get all the glory, the bigger, the better. Everyone shakes their collective head at the spectacle of the gilded-age theater fallen in on itself, the sanitariums full of weeds, nature reasserting itself through every crack and crevice.

Josef Zimmerman’s show of recent photographs, “Known Particles” at the Fancy and Staple Gallery is having none of that showy dilapidation. To his eye the most evocative examples of entropy are the small ones. A plate, homey and common, sits on a table blackened by time. The point of view is from the person who left the table, deserting the meal, the kitchen and possibly the planet. You have returned to find the only change is the passive passage of days, the rays of the sun striking the evidence of humankind with its invisible, tiny particles and with each infinitesimal blow, knocking off an atom’s worth of memory.

dailydisIt is the intimate quality of Zimmerman’s work that draws you in and glimpses the daily disentegrations of the past, present and future, in equal parts arresting and mundane.

Known Particles
Nov. 21st through January 27th
1111 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 422-2710

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Commissions are done….whew

I am done with the my last batch of commissions. Here is some rough pictures for your viewing pleasure. The studio will now be shut down for renovations for three weeks then it is on to the summer exhibits.

Photo Feb 15, 4 37 16 PM Photo Feb 05, 12 16 36 PM


Brand new old camera format

I have been moving closer to color photography and straying away from my long time buddy B & W. This new venture gives me several opportunities to try out some old film formats. After placing several calls I found a business that will develop 120 and 620, C-40 film. This will open up more combinations for my work.

There will be a learning curve to adjust for. Another slight set back is the cost of film and developing. Mistakes can be costly but unavoidable.

Wading further into this new water.