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To The Letter: Justin Lim at Fancy & Staple

Justin Lim’s exhibition of recent works at the Fancy & Staple gallery is a testament to the steady hand and exacting eye of its creator. The line work is executed without the benefit of rulers, vinyl or tape, just Justin and the glass or the wood or the taxidermy fish. The lines are bold and sometimes retina searing. The subject matter references West Coast car culture and flash art found in mid-20th Century tattoo parlors. Yet, something is amiss. That snarling tiger chest-piece is a deformed, three-eyed monster. That panther rampant reveals a drooling Rat Fink head.

It is this dissonance that makes the work about more than just the process. There is a knowing subtext that is both surreal (in the “Looney Tunes” school of twisted reality), and commonplace (in the “This is the tattoo your seafaring grandpa had on his arm.” school of the everyday.)

The trio of taxidermy fish is the most subtle reminder of death, the absurdity of life and redneck cultural appropriation. The fish are the product of the bygone ritual of enshrining the vacation’s best catch for all to see. They are proxies for prowess, but these trophies have fallen out of fashion and now must endure the humiliation of being marked with fleeting, often snide, Internet slang. “IDGAF” brands  a salmon that’s seen better days. The letters “HOLA”, rendered in letters so perfect they seem like computer-aided hallucinations, levitate off the side of a largemouth bass. The preserved and mounted fish represent the wish of the fisherman to forever display dominion, hearkening back to the cult of the gentleman sportsman of Victorian England/Theodore Roosevelt era. By branding these symbols of trashed antiquity with transient, digital-age slang, Lim thumbs his nose at the self-aggrandizing tropes of each age.


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“Color in Silence” Recap

On Black Friday 2014, Cinema Center in Fort Wayne let Addi Tomlinson and I put on a one night art house event. The documentary “Color is Silence” was premiered to an eager crowd and the adjoining exhibit feature art from the interviewees and star of the movie was a hit. Thank you for everyone who came out and here are some install shots before it got crazy:

Tanner Wilson
Tanner Wilson
Josef Zimmerman
Josef Zimmerman
Dusty Niel
Dusty Neil
Daniel Dienelt
Daniel Dienelt


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Color in Silence on Black Friday

Since I get bored so much here is something else. Please come down and support with high fives and such.



Fort Wayne, Indiana- November 17, 2014

To celebrate the world premiere of Color in Silence, a program of art, music and food has been planned for the night of November 28th in Cinema Center’s Spectator’s Lounge. The documentary will screen at 7, 8 & 9pm in the theater, with food by Affine Food Truck on Berry Street and special musical guest Heaven’s Gateway Drugs in the Spectator Lounge. A pop-up gallery of works by Daniel Dienelt, Tanner Wilson, Dusty Neal, Jason Swisher, Josef Zimmerman will be on display. This event is all ages with a cash bar, event ends at 10pm.
Daniel Dienelt works in a variety of formats and visual mediums and has been actively involved in the Fort Wayne art scene for more than a decade. His recent works explore how the atmospheric sounds of the world around us can be visually translated using photography and color. Themes include the relationship he has built with his deafness over the last eleven years, and the challenges of living in a hearing world.


Color in Silence is a personal look into the life of an artist through the eyes of his colleagues and friends.


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“Crossing Lines: Austin, TX”

My next curatorial effort is coming to fruition. “Crossing Lines: Austin, TX” is be opening to the public on November 8th at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

This exhibit is the first in a series that will explore contemporary art in cities. The documentation of the art and city will hopefully produce emerging movements and trends as they are happing.  This exhibit will include art by:

Adrian Landon Brooks

Brandon Snow

Brian Imler

Dave Lozano

Erin Cunningham

Graham Fanciose

Jamie Spinello

Jason Eatherly

Jason Webb

Mike Johnston

Nimer Aleck

Erin Cunningham "Lace Knuckles"
Erin Cunningham “Lace Knuckles”
Graham Franciose "A Journey of Hope and Uncertainty"
Graham Franciose “A Journey of Hope and Uncertainty”









Jason Webb "Discarder Pile 20"
Jason Webb “Discarder Pile 20”

Austin, TX will be tentatively followed by Oakland, CA, Rochester, NY, Savannah, GA, and St. Louis, MO.

Exhibits FWMoA

“Beautiful and Obsolete” coming to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Many things are going down folks. Many projects have been in the works and they are now all coming to light. First off is Kay Gregg’s “Beautiful and Obsolete” at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  The exhibit will open to the public on October 18th and runs through January 4th. Here is a small taste of the art that will be on display.

Kay Gregg1postcardfront