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Kay Gregg A.K.A Eyeball Graphics

I am very excited to announce Kay Gregg’s upcoming exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in October 2014.  “Beautiful & Obsolete: The Post-functional Object”  is Kay’s first solo exhibit and I am very glad to be curating it. I will be doing a studio visit shortly and very happy that this contemporary artists is from Fort Wayne.  Here is a taste of what we have to look forward to seeing:



Exhibits FWMoA

‘Biological Canvas’


Everything is coming together and I hope to see you all out on April 5th at 6 for the ArtScene with Yis Goodwin, Justin Henry Miller, and I. Food, booze, and good times will be had.

Exhibits Idiosyncratic

The “Grawlix” show is done and we all had a great time with it. A video will be up shortly but for now here are some shot of my installation from the show followed by card information and artist statement.

IMG_3582photo (11)








Josef Zimmerman

I Am Not Saddened With My Wasted Youth Or My Impotent Body Unable To Escape

Wood, glass, steel, plexi-glass, Blaptica dubia cockroaches, water, dirt, and other items from youth

Made possible with contributions from Anthony Mauricio and Carly Sorge.

This was the easiest prison to escape. Put in there by family for their own good.  The smell of chalk dust, blinders of matte black, and muffled hums. This world was mine for years as a child to curb my restlessness.

The idea was to isolate/dampen the senses. Without outside distractions you could focus and learn better. The truth was it trapped me with my mind alone. It was the real enemy not the outside world. The things I learned from this was not found in the books I was given.

Exhibits Idiosyncratic

“Red Tides of the Mind” is up and done

My recent solo exhibit is up and running. It was a beast of new challenges and processes. I am happy with the out come and will now move right into the next project.

Here is a few pictures of the pieces. Please visit the Finished Work page to view more.



March 9th Stencil and Screen printing Exhibit Opening

Come check out Artlink this Friday  from 6-9 and gander at a show that I curated.

Here is a video from one of the artists, Kay Gregg, talking about her idea for the show.