Curation Fancy and Staple Gallery

St. Monci Show at Fancy and Staple

Opening Event: March 12th 5-7

‘Unmanned Missions’–New work by St. Monci Fancy and Staple Gallery March 1st-April 24th Curated by Josef Zimmerman

The Fancy and Staple Gallery (1111 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN) is set to open an exhibition of paintings from New York based artist, St. Monci.

Working from his studio in Rochester, he has carefully crafted a cohesive, abstract body of work that is based on pure geometrical elements in relationships that suggest floating mono- liths in space.

The order and precision of line references the craftsmanship of a blueprint and the choice of color reveals a refined and subtle command of the color wheel. Each work is displayed in a bespoke frame whose rounded corners contribute to the overall impression of old world atten- tion to detail. Monci’s use of non-representational imagery and geometrical forms in pictorial space create a Zen-like atmosphere that invites quiet contemplation.

It’s what the Russian Constructivists would have made had they been able to continue to create outside the sound and fury of revolution. If anything, St. Monci’s works are propaganda of another kind, promoting a life of appreciation for the chance intersections of shape and color ascending and descending in front of an infinity wall of subtle hues. The shapes are painted in the preferred medium of precision renderers everywhere, gouache.

St. Monci was raised in Puerto Rico where he lived up through his teenage years. He went on to study at SUNY Oswego where he received his BFA and MA. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New York State, Oregon, New Jersey, California, Washington D.C. and Canada.IMG_4812

By Josef Zimmerman

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