Remake Event at Cinema Center May 29th 7 to 10


Here is another fun project I have put together for Cinema Center. This is a brand new fundraiser. Local artists and graphic designers will be make ing mock up movie poster based on Coen Brothers filmography. They will be for sale to the public. Bravas food truck will be attendance with The Snarks play at 9. Barton Fink will play at 10 to close out the event. I hope to see some local homies there for some high fives and good times.
Posters By:
Adam Meyer
Andrea Atwood
Bob Storey
Brian Sterling Lewis
Corey Purvis
Daniel Dienelt
Elyse Boutall
Jake Sauer
Jason Swisher
Jeff Anderson
Jenn Storey
Kay Gregg
Matt Kelley
Meg Tiffany
Mike Green
Nate Utesch
Ryan Pickard

By Josef Zimmerman

Human Being

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