“Biological Canvas” is coming

I am proud to announce my newest curatorial endeavor, “Biological Canvas” at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. The exhibit opens on  March 15th and will be up till  June 22nd.


I will let the FWMoA summarize the exhibit for me since they put it so eloquent:

This is the second exhibition guest curated by the contemporary art curator Josef Zimmerman, the man who traveled the country in search of the most the eye-popping, chromatically adventurous contemporary art for the group show Brilliant Optics. This time, Zimmerman has discovered another intriguing trend in contemporary art: the tendency to reference biology—animals, natural processes, human systems, and other elements of the natural world—in the context of contemporary culture.   Three artists leading this trend will be featured in this exhibition: Yis “Nosego” Goodwin, Justin Miller, and Scott Teplin, all who push the boundaries of graphic manipulation of organic subjects.

Scott Teplin
Scott Teplin

Yis Goodwin

Yis Goodwin

By Josef Zimmerman

Human Being

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