Preparing to go urban spelunking

Going down the rabbit hole tomorrow and packing my bag in preparation. My photography’s main focus is the ruins of modern humanity. This means going to places littered with obstacles from black mold to a pissed off mother raccoon.

Over the years the load I carry has changed but I am always bearing in mind accessibility and mobility. It is important to keep moving and not have to pause to fumble with getting items out.
 My list includes for this exhibition:

Canon Rebel 35mm camera, twin reflex camera, respirator, tri-pod, bolt cutters, gloves, first aid kit, 3 rolls of 35mm film, pen, note pad, mace with hand strap, gum, markers, ipod, extra pad locks (to replace the ones I cut off).

That about sums it up. The list changes upon my destination and mind set.

By Josef Zimmerman

Human Being

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