Archiving Old Installation Exhibit

I have been going through the old files and cataloguing/archiving old projects and exhibits. The current project that has been unearthed is/was ‘The Fort Show.’  The exhibit opened on October 8th of 2010. I was one of six artist of a local vignette series that revolved around a simple word theme, “Fort.”

Thankfully due to better time management and computer skills, I have finally gotten around to editing video footage and camera stills into a video to be archived. Below is the video for the installation follow by the artist statement.

Artist Statement

Title: I do not think we lost anything

Media: Wood, dirt, drywall, glass, latex paint

By Josef Zimmerman

There are two main themes behind this piece, protection and isolation.


The first idea is to demonstrate that we are all protecting/hiding ourselves from something in one form or another. The layers of the piece, shows multiple ways in which we all do just that, subconsciously or otherwise.  We hide from ourselves and others by building walls inside or outside of ourselves.


The second is that forts isolate people on many planes both physical and mental. The isolation brings claustrophobia. Whether you are by yourself or with 100 people, you are still isolated/trapped. When you are detached from the outside, you are forced to deal with your own head. Many people fear their own head more than what is outside the walls of their fort.


Ask yourself these questions:

What do we hide from within our fort? Who are you trying to keep out? Would you be safer inside or out?


Contributors: Daniel Dienelt, Anthony Mauricio, Greg Neeley, Harry Zimmerman, Nik Zimmerman

By Josef Zimmerman

Human Being

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Heady stuff, man. How have you been? Saw your paren’ts in the shop the other day and they told me about your site. Cool work. They said your bartending somewehre on Calhoun? I’ll have to stop by for a drink sometime.

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