This Friday the 13th

The Repurpose Exhibit installation is all said and done. The opening for the show is this Friday from 6-9 and should be a hoot.

For promotional and achieving purposes, I have posted a video for you all to enjoy. Following that, I will have my artist statement for the piece “Relics from a lost bout with childhood/adulthood.”


The theme of the show is to repurpose items for art. I achieved this by using items that had been forsaken or lost in antiquity from my background. The idea was to make a physical manifestation of emotional baggage. This installation portrays that idea with a representation of my own. I perceive baggage/issues as an ever piling shamble that an individual saddles himself or herself with. This starts at an early age and the process builds from there. Slow or fast they pile up on top of one another.  Each issue plays a role and is used in a positive or negative way. The power we give objects varies. It can propel or stunt growth depending on perception and time.

The items of this installation have each been given meaning and weight by me. They represent concepts. We have all put significance in items and we all carry them.


I would also like to thank Kay Gregg in helping me make the video that you all watched.

I look forward to seeing you all there this Friday.

By Josef Zimmerman

Human Being

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